Friends & Benefactors

The Association that was founded in 1971 to sponsor the Glyptothek and the State Collections of Antiquities supports the two facilities on Königsplatz in their efforts to keep the heritage of the ancient world alive. Through the work of the Association the museum activities are supported in both material and non-material form.

The membership fees and donations are used for various purposes. One of these is to purchase works of art that are on permanent loan to the museum. They also help towards the conservation and maintenance of the works in the collections. Other important areas that are sponsored include public relations and the impartation of knowledge. Thus the museum owes the funding of the media guide to the Association.

Membership Journeys

Since 1979 the Association of Friends and Benefactors has organised journeys dedicated to archaeological topics for its members. The destinations are either ancient archaeological excavations in the Mediterranean area or museums in the European metropolises. The journeys are professionally guided by members of the academic staff of the museums on Königsplatz.

Destinations of membership journeys

Copenhagen (1979), Aegina and Athens (1980), Florence (1981), Berlin (1981), Argolis (1982/83), London (1983), Northern Greece (1984), Western Turkey (1985), Peloponnese (1986), Dessau and Wörlitz (1986), Samos (1987), Leningrad (1988), Attica (1988/89), Copenhagen (1989), Corfu (1990/91), Sicily (1992/93), Cyclades (1994), Berlin (1995), Aschaffenburg (1995), London (1996), Naples (1996), Istanbul (1997/98), Athens (1998/99), Crete (2000), Rhodes (2001), Rome (2002), Aschaffenburg (2002), Samos (2003), Cyclades (2004), Northern Peloponnese (2005), Southern Peloponnese (2006), Sicily (2007), Libya (2008), South-Western Turkey (2009), Syria (2010), Athens and Aegina (2011), Aschaffenburg (2011), Berlin (2012), Western Turkey (2012), Northern Greece (2013), Gulf of Naples (2014), Crete (2015), Samos (2016), North-western Greece (2017), Cyclades (2018), Karlsruhe (2019), Zurich (2019), Sicily (2019), Peloponnes (2020)


Membership involves special benefits. These include free admission to the Glyptothek and the Collections of Antiquities, free attendance of tours and lectures in the Collections on special invitation by the Association, regular information from the Association and the Museums and - last but not least - the opportunity to participate in the annual trips to countries of Classical antiquity.


Verein der Freunde und Förderer der Glyptothek und der Antikensammlungen München e. V.

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80333 München

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Board of Trustees and Executive Committee

Board of Trustees

Dr. Gerhard Cromme, Chairman
Dr. Karl-Hermann Baumann
I.K.H. Prinzessin Beatrice von Bayern
Prof. Dr. Clemens Börsig
Dr. Nikolaus von Bomhard
Dr. Dirk Ippen
Dr. Hermann Kienast
Prof. Uwe Kiessler
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Meier
Dr. Helmut Röschinger
Christoph Sattler
Dr. Albrecht Schmidt
Dr. Henning Schulte-Noelle
Dr. Dieter Soltmann
Prof. Dr. Raimund Wünsche
Prof. Dr. Paul Zanker
Prof. Dr. Franz-Christoph Zeitler
Prof. Dr. Armin Zweite

Executive Committee

Prof. Michael Roßnagl, Chairman
Hannelore Müller, Vice Chair
Agnes Diekötter
Hannes F. Hofer
Christian Gliwitzky
Brigitte Peters