Zirkus bis Apostel. Terra Sigillata aus der Sammlung K. Wilhelm

05.07.2023 until 14.04.2024

The exhibition is the first comprehensive presentation of one of the world's most important collections of Roman African red slip ware, which was donated to the Antikensammlungen in 2020 by the Munich physician and collector Prof. Dr. Klaus Wilhelm. The donation also includes around 50 lamps of Italian and North African origin.

For centuries, the african red slip ware on display  was in demand throughout the Mediterranean region. Their high quality, their durability due to the hard firing, as well as their varied series of shapes and types of decoration made them constant companions at Roman banquets. Plates, trays, platters, bowls and the rarer pitchers and jugs were part of the service and give us an idea of the richly laid table of the Romans. The vessels, some of which were extremely thin-walled, imitated in form and decoration objects made of precious materials such as silver, ivory or glass, which only the richest could afford. They were therefore a luxury for everyone.

The exhibition provides information on the precursors and production methods ofafrican red s,lip ware; another focus is on the rich imagery. This shows not least the change from a pagan to a Christian lifestyle.

The excellently preserved vessels of the Wilhelm Collection, supplemented by loans from various museums in Germany, provide visitors with a fascinating insight into a long-gone everyday world, where one can see the joy of unusual forms and images. In cooperation with the Museum Education Centre, a children's trail, a discovery sheet and hands-on stations have been developed.

A brochure accompanying the exhibition is available at the museum box office.

The comprehensive publication of the Michael Mackensen Collection, Relief and Stamped North African Sigillata of the Late 2nd to 6th Century. Römisches Tafelgeschirr der Sammlung K. Wilhelm (Wiesbaden 2019) 2 volumes and Ines Abspacher, Italische und nordafrikanische Lampen des 1. bis 5. Jahrhundert. Römische Lampen der Sammlung K. Wilhelm (Wiesbaden 2020) are available in bookshops and also in the museum.

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