Von Zirkus bis Apostel. Tafelgeschirr aus der Sammlung K. Wilhelm

26.03.2022 until 30.10.2022

Where better to present Roman tableware than in the Pompejanum, the neo-classical replica of a Roman house? This is made possible by a generous donation recently made to the Staatliche Antikensammlungen by the Munich collector K. Wilhelm. His unique collection of North African clay vessels is unparalleled anywhere in the world. It is being presented to the public for the first time in the Pompejanum.

For centuries, North African fine ceramics were in demand throughout the Mediterranean region. Their high quality, durability and their varied series of shapes and types of decoration made them constant companions at Roman banquets. Plates, trays, platters, bowls and small bowls were part of the service and give us an idea of the richly laid table of the Romans. The shiny red pieces, which present the development and the wealth of variations of this genre in the exhibition, were thus a luxury for everyone.

Like the shapes of the vessels, their decoration was also subject to the fashions of the time. Detailed figurative motifs were usually moulded separately in plaster matrices and applied as appliqués. They show, among other things, figures from mythology or gladiator fights and animal hats. Chariot races were particularly popular in Africa, so that individual vessels were aimed at special 'fan groups' and commemorated past victories.
Since the later fourth century, Christian motifs have supplemented the repertoire. Here we find non-figurative elements such as crosses and the Chi-Rho sign as well as figurative representations of the apostle princes Peter and Paul or images of martyrs.

The exquisitely preserved vessels of the Wilhelm Collection provide visitors with a fascinating insight into a long-gone everyday world, where one can see the pleasure in unusual forms and images.

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