New Adornment for the Gods

An exhibition of the Craft Gallery (Galerie Handwerk) in the context of the special exhibition "The Immortals - The Greek Gods" in the State Collections of Antiquities

The collection of ancient and Etruscan gold jewellery in the State Collections of Antiques enjoys a worldwide reputation. It includes important exhibits of antique jewellery, such as the golden garland of Armento dating back to the 4th century BC and pieces of Greek jewellery from the same era, as well as a collection of around 800 antique and contemporary gems. It is enormously appealing to present contemporary jewellery made by internationally renowned goldsmiths in the context of this extraordinary collection.

The Craft Gallery (Galerie Handwerk) invited 16 goldsmiths and 2 silversmiths, whose works relate in various ways to the exhibits of the State Collections of Antiques, to its first exhibition this year. It is not about formal closeness or even emulation of the antique items displayed in the neighbouring rooms. Rather we are looking for differing, fresh interpretations of old techniques, materials, ornaments and themes together with a spiritual closeness to the ancient world.

Exhibiting artists: Robert Baines, AU; Peter Bauhuis, DE; Manfred Bischoff, DE; Bettina Dittmann, DE; Georg Gober, DE; David Huycke, BE; Daniel Kruger, ZA; Christa Lüthje, DE; Bruno Martinazzi, IT; Francesco Pavan, IT; Dorothea Prühl, DE; Gerd Rothmann, DE; Jacky Ryan, IT; Philip Sajet, NL; Bernhard Schobinger, CH; Hubertus von Skal, DE; Tanel Veenre, EE; Graziano Visintin, IT.