Contours – Textures – Spaces: Diethard Herles in the Glyptothek
Location : Glyptothek

In the works that were created in 2012 and 2013 for the exhibition "Contours, Textures, Spaces", antique masterpieces are taken as inspiration to create sculptures that free themselves of their prototypes but yet would not have originated without them. At the beginning exploratory contemplation is called for to discover special details or a motif that can be artistically deployed. This can be e.g. the rhythm contained in an arrangement of the folds or in the curvature of a breast. This is followed by a sketch of the new concept and an associated photo.

In some of the works, the photographically documented sculptural discovery still lies below the superimposed painting. In other works this was eschewed. But in every case an exhibit in the Glyptothek is both reason and reference for the work that is presented as a stele measuring 220 cm x 50 cm with acrylic paint on prime-coated linen. Both the antique inspiration and the work itself are grouped together in the room and form a unified whole.