The Immortals – Greek Gods

The Exhibition "The Immortals – Greek Gods" which is being shown in the Pompejanum in Aschaffenburg presents a colorful collection of deities from the rich Munich Collections of Antiquities. This exhibition of the deities demonstrates how omnipresent the immortals were in the lives of humans, but it also tries to bring comprehensible order into what at first glance is bewildering abundance. It enables the visitor to recognize the most important gods by their characteristic attributes and get to know their individual traits and skills.

The exhibition takes also a look at a Greek sanctuary. It shows how the individual approached the god that he revered in sacrifice and prayer, and gives a picture of the offerings that stood there in great quantities. These ranged from the magnificent statues donated by cities and powerful individuals to inexpensive votive offerings made of clay, with which the simple pilgrim wanted to propitiate the god or thank him for a favour that he had granted - and with which we are familiar in similar form in Christian pilgrimage churches.

On the occasion of this exhibition a brochure (German / English) and a catalogue has been published (German):
Florian S. Knauß (ed.), Die Unsterblichen - Götter Griechenlands, exhibition catalogue, Munich 2012, 600 pages, over 850 illustrations.

You can find more information on the subject → here.

The Aschaffenburg network of guides offers tours round the Pompejanum and the special exhibition for groups (adults and children) in German and various foreign languages. You can find more information → here.